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Jul. 9th, 2010


Melbourne Loving <3 : day 2

Waking up, the weather was too cold! We were freezing, I could recall my teeth and body clattering as I took shower. Shower is like, the worst part, cuz, we had to be naked while it's very cold. It's my first day in Ability Center, the place where I would have to learn English everyday. It's like school, but I'm obviously up for it cuz I couldn't wait to meet new friends and learn English. The weather that morning was super cold, with fog. It was unbelievably cold, as I kept hiding my face inside my scarf. 

To get to Ability Center, we had to take trams. Our stop is number 27, and from there we took tram number 19 which headed to "City". We had a Japanese woman took us there because she also stayed in Nora's home and she went to Ability Center too. It was our very first tram experience. After 25 minutes ride, we arrived at the city. We took off at tram stop number 4, which is the corner of LaTrobe St and Elizabeth Street. From there, we walked straight up, passed Melbourne Central, Myer, and then the Lonsdale St, which is where Ability Center located. 

After taking the lift to level 4, we were greeted with Aaron, the person in charge with administration.  We took the placement test and it was easy peasy! Another 10 minutes later, we were summoned by Nicole Gray, which is the head of the center for an interview and she told us that we both are going to advanced class, which is the highest class there is. We had some time, 45 minutes that is, until 10 where we were scheduled for an orientation class, so we decided to meet our friend Conny whom we were dying to meet since she'll be leaving back to Sydney again. Turns out that she got lost and she didn't know her way around, she couldn't meet us until 10.30! We decided to skip class, saying that we got lost. I was worried because skipping class isn't really my thing, but Christy wasn't really up to studying in Ability, so yeah, we decided to bail out and went around the city with our friend instead. 

When we went back to Ability at 11, we saw that Nicola and Aaron had been very worried about us, they've been calling the agency and our host parents. OMG. We didn't know that it would be this bad. We thought that they're just gonna mark us 'slackers' or 'late' but yeah, they were worried to death. But not long after that, we were introduced to our class that morning, which is located in room 2. There were about 10 people there, all are not teenagers like us anymore. Our teacher is a girl named Kajal, who is Indian-British, and when we entered the class, they introduced themselves to us. The theme for the week is 'art' , and we got our first worksheet, which is type of arts. Then, we were all paired. My very first partner there is Priscila. She's from Brazil, and she's about 26-27 yo. She looked very mature, and she has this low and calming voice. She's pretty interesting and we talked a lot about our countries. There goes my very first class in Melbourne. Then there was a 45 minutes break until the afternoon class. 

We were late for our afternoon class and when we got there, the class already started with some opinion statings. It was prett fun and then it was revealed what would be our assignment for the week ; we're gonna do a debate. I picked the topic about women don't have to be younger as a couple. I was afraid that I'm gonna be alone, up against this feisty girl called Pam, but I was relieved that this pretty good looking guy from Switzerland, named Luigi, joined force with me. We talked about our debate, then we had to do some research about it. It wasn't going pretty well I guess, because we had differences in opinion, and the fact that he's older, I had to respect him. But we had a good time researching for some pictures. I just realized why he wanted to get funny cartoon pictures instead of the real life pictures! After 2 weeks of knowing him, I just knew that he is a jokester type, he likes comedy, and he's really laid back..... I just saw it now! LOL 

The class ended at 2.45 pm and in frenzy, we stormed the Melbourne Central for some first time shopping. We shopped like there's no tomorrow! All of this because we know that the shops would be closed at 5 pm :(( the sucky thing about australia! At around 6pm, we got a call from Aaron.... He said that Nora was worried about us and we had to call her... I was like, whoa, are we in trouble, again?? When I called her, she said she's sickly worried and she said that we have to be back at 6pm! We had to go home that instance. When we got home, we learned that they made a curfew of 6pm, because we're 'underage'. I was like WTF?! But... oh well. It was the start of our nightmare, that will haunt us for the next 2 weeks; curfew. 

Melbourne Loving <3 : 1st day!

This holiday, I went to Melbourne, Australia, as a prize for my winning the competition last year. I went there with my friend Christy and it was just us two, against the world, that's how I would put it. Let me tell you from the very beginning till the very end... 

After some meetings with Selvi Tanggara, the person responsible for our trip there, we finally knew who we're going to stay with in Melbourne. Written in our guidelines were Nora Fagnani and Robert Ericcolo as our host parents. They're of Italian, Lebanese, and Argentinian descendants and they are both chef. I thought this is very good because we can learn new language and culture, plus, our food will be of high quality :)

On the day I took the airplane, which was the 19th of June, I had to first attend the photoshoot of my brother's graduation, which means that my parents had to stay in school for Albert's graduation. So I went home with a driver, changed clothes, and then he took me the airport where I met Christy. We checked in and I remember, we grabbed Starbucks and bought some magazines for the flight. The flight was at 6 pm. It was getting dark, and finally we were called to get in the airplane. it was an OK flight, and after 1 and a half hour, we arrived in Denpasar, Bali, for transit, and we had to check in again! It was a very long queue and there were a lot of westerns. It was our first time doing things by ourselves in the airport and luckily we had it all sorted out. It was a 6 hours flight straight to Melbourne, and it wasn't pleasant, because I couldn't sleep properly! But finally I arrived in Melbourne safely, and after administration, I met the person from the agency, and we stepped foot for the first time in Melbourne and smelled the winter weather for the first time when we got out of the airport... 

It was surprisingly cold! I mean, I know it's gonna be winter, but I never prepared myself of how the weather could be! When I walked accross the street, all I could think about was how cold is my nose and legs. It wasn't that cold though, but I thought, hey, this is gonna be a cool and fun weather :)) 

It was 7 in the morning and we arrived at what would be my home for the next 2 weeks. It was a small, 1 story house, located in 13 Donald Street, Brunswick. When we rang the bell, a man whom we suppose is Robert opened the door, with his hazy face and mumbling voice. He showed us our room and the bathroom, and then he went back to his bed. I was like, whoa, this is not how you would greet your guest... I remember me and Christy were like, damn, we're living in mud place.. We didn't know what to do since no one was awake. We fell asleep until about 11 and then we woke up and explored the house again. It has an alley with 5 doors, each leading to a bedroom, a clean and neat kitchen, and 2 nice bathrooms. Then we saw our host mother, who is Nora. She's pretty big, with curly black hair. She turned out to be very nice and welcoming. She's not as neglecting as we thought she would be. 

Finally, at 2 pm, Nora and Robert took us to K-Mart to buy a pair of slippers. It's my first ever because it's never really needed in Indonesia... Then they took us to eat some Lebanese pizza nearby Brunswick. It was new to me, but it was really good :) We chatted for a while, and then we went back home. Nora cooked some rice, garlic bread, chicken, and something else that I didn't know. It was a really good dinner, and I knew our dinner would be very nice from then on :)) 

There goes my first day and first night in Melbourne! 

It's been a LONGGG time!

Hi again! Wow, it's been a long time since I last posted an entry! Tsk tsk... So much have happened and so much to tell....
Today is Friday, the last weekday of Holiday! On Monday, I'm going to start a new year of academic, which is the 12th Grade, my last year in school! I just can't believe how fast time goes by... Meanwhile, let me update on the things surrounding me.

- Academic life. The last 6 months or the last semester of 11th grade has been really tough. It's really hard for me to nab a 9. When you ask people, who really is the genious ones, they must be pointing at other student (read:Ian), but guess what, I'm still top ranked and defend my title as Best Student in class. I think this was all due to my great achievement in English and drama. My English score is the highest amongst my friends because of the Listening and Speaking subject, which is taught by I FORGOT THE NAME, whom happens to get along with me very well. In addition also, the Drama subject that I took, and has blossomed into golden scores through some really good performance I did. So yeah, I'm happy to maintain my titles throughout the year and I'm looking forward to nabbing them again next year! 

- In mid February, me and a few students from my school went to Margaret River, Perth, Australia, for some student exchange program. It was 10 days. In there, I got a buddy named Paige Evans. She's one of the most beautiful girl in the school, and popular too. She's only 14 at that time and she picked me, because I read Harry Potter and Twilight apparently LOL. She's got a nice little house in Cowaramup, a small village 20 minutes from Margaret River. It was only 10 days, and we go to Margaret River High School just like normal students there. After school, we went downtown to shop and at weekends the Evans took me to the beach, the local chocolate factory, and some nice shopping district. I remember at my last night in Margaret River, I couldn't stop crying! It has been really sweet because I live in a village with other people, and just when the new environment started to grow on me, I had to go home. It was a memorable experience and I was grateful for that. 

- About the Science Competition thingy.... Believe me, it's been a long and winding road, and the ending is never to be predicted. My "Batik Waste Water Treatment" went through a lot of trouble with the waste obtaining and non lucrative test result. Me and my partner Irene were devastated until a point when we decided to back off from the competition, but our teacher convinced us again and again, that it is worth it and our Principal is expecting us. When I was in Margaret River, I got the news that my proposal was rejected and we didn't make it through the elimination part. I was... Jubilant. I was relieved, and I was happy! I've lost hope on the project for a very long time and I know that it's not good enough.

But God has been very kind and blessing to me. Another team from my school was accepted, but the problem is that the people doing it are not capable enough to present the project, or may I say, they are very closed and they can't talk fluently. So the school assigned me on that group. The competition and showcase lasted for 3 days, and through some major letdown and worrisome, I was shocked that we won Silver! It was an amazing feeling because I doubted the project so much and I didn't have any expectation on this project because it was seriously poor, but we did come 2nd place, and it was really emotional for me.

My next doodle would be very important to me, so I decided to make it a new entry! 


Jan. 1st, 2010


2009 : A Year in Review


Goodbye 2009, and hello 2010!

You want to know what I did for new year's eve? Went to Angke to buy some food, drop them down to Grandparents house, had a little chat there, and then jetted down to Plaza Senayan. Ate at Crystal Jade Restaurant, then Daddy took us to the cinema! Watched Sherlock Holmes, all by myself. Overall, great entertainment, great cast, great score! Slept at 12.45, then woke up at 10.21 in the new day of 2010.

2009 has already ended and I just want to review the things that happened to me, good or bad, that I’m grateful of or the things that has changed me. Overall, this year hasn’t been so great in the academic department and some really really bad things happened and I’ve been devastated quite a couple of times, but the good things kind of made up for them :) Rolldrums please…

- Principal gave his permission to let me and Robyn accompany the Australian students on a tour around Jakarta. It was, amazing.

- Screenings of How To Be in Plaza Senayan with twipeeps Shanna, Amy, and Inda. It was fun, a great accomplishment, and love working with them :)

- Got myself a Blackberry Bold :)

- I watched Boys Before Flowers. Korean version of F4 ; I need a those of fangirl moment.

- This season’s American Idol (season 8) has been awesome! Adam Lambert !

- Won #1 place on my very first debate competition on Atma Jaya, very excited and opened a lot of doors for me. Thanks to Shanna and Mrs B for their speech changing tips!

-  Report Card : I reached my all time high ranking : #2 amongst all 11th graders! Didn’t snatch Best Student, but I still got best student for my class, X-2. It was unpredictable and I was really happy.

- Entering the new XI - 1 Science Class : had some really rough weeks, got all the low scores.

- Lost a Science competition, the start of my downfall on the Science project.

- EUPHORIA or Laurensia Cup has been a blast! And hey, I got my very first boyfriend :)

- Didn’t have a really good week on Final Test :(

- Won a trip to Melbourne, Australia for 2 weeks with Christy! After a long run of Australia trivia, we finally won it.

Overall, the first half of 2009 has been a BLAST. The second half hasn’t been so, but there are some really good things happening to me and I’m verryyy grateful for that.

Hope 2010 will be filled with more joy and happiness!

Dec. 30th, 2009

edward cullen approves

Year End List : Power Artists 2009

This is the second entry of my annual Year End List, this time it's Power Artists 2009. I decided to choose 'artist' instead of making separately 'actors' and 'singers' because I don't really have many favorites for this year in terms of music, while there are so many favorite and upcoming young actors that I like. So I decided to gather the singers and actors into one category and have my own list. Rolldrums please....
Power Artists 2009

From left to right, then go down and left to right again. 
1. Taylor Swift --> She's my favorite singer of 2009. Discovered her through the video 'You Belong With Me', instantly fall in love, then bought the CD 'Fearless'. I admire and adore her so much because she's very talented in singing, writing songs, she's got great personality, such a sweet heart, and she's just very beautiful. 2009 has been her year as she won soo many awards, including the AMA, CMA, and the upcoming Grammy.

2. Zachary Quinto --> Never been a fan of Star Trek, never been a fan of Quinto, but him + Spock = fangirl. LOVE it <3

3. Blake Lively --> Perfect. Face, hair, body, acting chops, fresh personality, she got it all. She and mainly her role as Serena Van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl continues to daze me with her fashion taste and physical appearance. J'adore!

4. Sam Worthington --> Fresh from Terminator Salvation and Avatar, this Aussie bloke has the charisma as he took on role after role on blockbuster movies in Hollywood. Caught my eye on Avatar. First he wasn't that charming or good looking, but as we go through the movie, I begin to fall in love with him. Next project : Clash of Titans (2010)

5. Zoe Saldana --> She's offficially my new favorite Sci-Fi heroine. Alread captivate my attention when I saw her as the intelligent, independent Uhura in Star Trek, then continues to impress me as the brave warrior princess Neytiri in Avatar. Is it her roles or is it her? Well, what I can say is that this lady got the looks and the talent to impress me with these characters she's playing.

6. Joseph Gordon Levitt --> Where did you see this picture? You might have seen him as the evil brain in G.I Joe, but you just can't help sympathize on this guy in 500 Days of Summer. This movie is his breakthrough performance as it earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor.

7. Maria Sharapova --> Well, she's a casualty in the list ; always have been and will always be my favorite tennis player, idol, and fashionista. Too bad she didn't shine that much this year, but looking forward to see her progress in 2010.

8. Taylor Lautner --> Wouldn't say I love him, but he did a great job playing the role Jacob in The Twilight Saga : New Moon. His ambition and commit to the role he's playing sold me out. Not to mention his great look, and killer body.

9. Megan Fox --> Last but not least, this foxy lady made headlines through out the year. From her controversial comment on Michael Bay, to her edgy performance as the sexy student in Jennifer's Body. Her feistiness and daring personality earn her some attention. My attention too.


bbf kiss

Year End List : Power Movies of 2009

It's been 4 days since I last updated LiveJournal because.... I just discovered and made a Tumblr account! Visit it here. If there's anyone of you guys, F-List, has a Tumblr account, please nudge me so I can follow you! It's been very fun and exciting, especially with it's uniqueness and layout, but still, the ultimate place to write is here, at LiveJournal! Anyway, as always when the year is about to end, I'm making my annual list. I've posted my Year End List at Tumblr, and first up is the movies because I love movies so much and I've prepared these for a while already. So, let's roll it in!

2009 is about to end and it has been an incredible year for the industry of movies. Many of my favorite movies are released in 2009 and we can’t believe just how many sagas are releasing their installments in the year of 2009. Here is the list of my top 5 favorite movies of 2009.


5. District 9 Collapse )



4. Star Trek Collapse )



3. The Reader Collapse )



2. Angels and Demons Collapse )



1. Avatar Collapse )



Honorable Mention :
The Dark Knight --> Yeah yeah I know it's not from 2009, but I didn't notice how GOOD this movie is back at 2008. Just watched it again on HBO premiere, and WOW. It's a great, great movie. I don't know why I wasn't sold last year, geez. Would've made last year's list. So I'm paying my dues here!

Note to self, I haven’t watched : An Education, Invictus, It’s Complicated, Sherlock Holmes, The Hangover, The Blind Side, Where the Wild THings Are, Nine, Up in the Air. The list is subject to change before the clock strikes 12 at midnight, 31st of December 2009.

Keep your eyes open for more lists to come!

* photos and information are taken from Teaser Trailer.

Dec. 26th, 2009


Not feeling the festivities!

First of all,


I'm a Catholic, so I celebrate it. But I think this year's Christmas has been the lamest of all....

The only Christmas festive I felt was only when I had to go to the church at Christmas Eve. We went to a chapel, a small church, so the feeling isn't really there anyway. Then we went home and that's it. The next day, the 25th of December, we stayed at home because Mom and Dad were to tired to go out. There goes my Christmas.

However, I got a really cute box of Christmas cupcakes from my Buddhist cousin (LOL yeah I know, they're Buddhist, but they live in a way that resembles so much the family who would cherish Christmas). There are 16 cupcakes and they all look so CUTE and smell delicious.... The most delicious cupcakes I have ever tasted. I've already eaten 3 :)

Today, I'm still stuck at home, don't know what to do. I guess I'm just gonna stuff myself with some good movies, wanna watch Up, and finish up a good book, The Lovely Bones. I'm really not in the mood for writing, so I'll just excuse myself outta here, enjoy the movie, and hopefully, hopefully, I get to go to the mall tomorrow ....

Crossing fingers!

Dec. 22nd, 2009

i feel great

A Fun Day

After a long planning of what we're going to do today, me and Flo finally decided to go out to a mall. Morning starts with Flo rummaging on her 'boyfriend problem'. It came out very shocking to me because I never thought that such a thing would happen, but the indications were there and it finally happened. But you know, you just couldn't believe it when it actually happened. Provoked by the sadness, I really feel the need to go out with Flo to mend her heart, so we decided to got to Emporium Mall in Pluit, simply because it's the only transportation available.

We caught up in Sushi Tei, treated a lunch by my parents, and we talked and shared laughs like we haven't done for a while. Then we knew we had to flee from there because the movie we're looking for, Paranormal Activity (PA), isn't there. So we had to go to Blitz Megaplex, which is available in Grand Indonesia and Teras Kota. But our fun, cool teacher also asked us out to watch (he originally invented the idea to watch PA), so we went to Teras Kota and met him there. And holly crap, we took a cab, and you know how much it costed us? 220k. Great. That taxi driver either didn't know the way or he though we are stupid enough to be tricked, which unfortunately we are... *sob*

So we met Mr Wilis, bought our PA ticket at Teras Kota, and ate at Lau's Kopi Tiam before watching. Btw their Kaya Toast is extremely delicious!

A few tips on why we decided to watch PA : 1) It caused quite a stir as a horror and terrifying movie 2) Read the review at TotalFilm, got 4 stars out of 5, 3) Douted as 'the most horrifying movie in 2009'. And the review in TotalFilm totally sold me out, saying that if you're terrified, than you're normal, but if you act normal to the movie, than you're abnormal. So I was tempted to test myself out, am I normal? Do i have the courage to watch horror movies? I was a bit scared especially when I already got inside the theater because there was no one sitting next to me (Flo took the center seat....) and the fact that Mr Wilis said that lots of his friend couldn't sleep after watching this... Our friend Anthony couldn't sleep for 3 days. But in the end I was brave enough as I braced myself to watch for 2 hours.
My thoughts on Paranormal Activity. Go ahead, spoiler free!Collapse )Read more...Collapse )

I was afraid that I might not be able to sleep, but it turns out I'm dealing OK with it and I didn't have any trouble sleeping, since all I need to do is shut my eyes to go under. LOL.

Dec. 21st, 2009


Mall Too Much

Today has been... undecided. While we were having our breakfast at Mpek2 Wong Kito, we decided to see AVATAR again (for me will be the 3rd time) but in 3D. My fam were amazed and they want to see it in 3D too. So we went to Plaza Indonesia in the hopes of the good sofa... But it turns out that 1) They don't have BCA promo for 3D movies 2) Especially for 3D movies, the price is more expensive, 70k per ticket, so in total we have to pay 280k for something we already watched....

We decided it's not worth it. To 'consolidate', Dad treated us with Haagen Dasz (yay). Me had a plate of Belgian Waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream.... Very very full! Then while eating... Mom came up with a plan of watching New Moon at Plaza Senayan, so we fleed to Plaza Senayan (again lol) and while we were quieing for tickets, we found out that the time doesn't match between New Moon and Avatar 3D, so we cancelled again....

But then I got to buy the new edition of TotalFilm with Avatar as the cover (squealll) and The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Plus, I tried looking for tights, bought em at the department store, but turns out it's the wrong thing! Grrrrrr

Anyway, I found this meme from tomatoe18

Read my meme!Collapse )

Have a good holiday y'all!

Dec. 19th, 2009


Still AVATAR-ed

Hi guys. So I have abundant time to fill, and Avatar got lucky to sneak into me at this time of year, it got my full attention. Siding away the fact that I'm gonna watch it again for the second time today, I've been reading some reviews for the movie and they're all have been right : James Cameron has been brilliant on the animation and scenery and effects, but lackluster on the story side. Here is an article from Yahoo Weekend Movie Roundup 12/18/09 about Avatar that got featured.

James Cameron's Latest Spectacle

by Jonathan Crow · December 18, 2009
The early press about James Cameron's latest movie, "Avatar" couldn't have been more hyperbolic: this film was going to forever change the way we experience movies. The director -- already famous for wowing audiences with quicksilver robots in "Terminator 2" and sinking an entire ocean liner in "Titanic" -- spent over a decade working on the movie. He reportedly developed a brand new 3-D camera for the flick along with entirely new technologies for motion capture. The movie's budget was reportedly in the ballpark of $300 million. And yet there was almost no word on what the movie was going to be about, and few indications of what it was going to look like.

Though the first sneak peak to a Comic-con audience received raves, the positive buzz for "Avatar" diminished when the first trailer came out in September. It outlined a plot that seemed glaringly familiar and it showed a bunch of half-naked blue people running around a digital jungle. To say it failed to overwhelm would be an understatement. The flick was almost immediately dubbed "Dances with Smurfs" by furious fans on the internet. Blogs made unflattering comparisons between "Avatar" and the CG animated fiasco "
Delgo," which is also about half-naked blue people in a forest.

This weekend, "Avatar" will be released on 4,000 screens across the country and audiences will finally get to see what all the fuss is about. Is "Avatar" a landmark of moviemaking or it yet another big-budget Hollywood production with a recycled plot? It turns out both are right.

The movie might have cost the GNP of a small nation but all that money is on-screen: it looks gorgeous. As David Denby of the
New Yorker writes, "James Cameron's "Avatar" is the most beautiful film I've seen in years. Amid the hoopla over the new power of 3-D as a narrative form, and the excitement about the complicated mix of digital animation and live action that made the movie possible, no one should ignore how lovely "Avatar" looks, how luscious yet freewheeling, bounteous yet strange."

Cameron's famed obsession with detail -- this is a director who insisted that real Beluga caviar be served during the first class dinner scene in "Titanic" -- is fully on display here. The film takes place on Pandora, a planet filled with lush forests, floating mountains, and a huge moon that fills the night's sky. Each frame bustles with life. And each creature in the movie, from massive hammer-headed pachyderms to six-armed neon lemurs, feels like it has its own evolutionary back story.

Cameron even went so far as to hire a linguist to invent an entirely new language for the Na'vi, the aforementioned half-naked blue people who look like panthers crossed with runway models. And it is with the Na'vi that Cameron's technical wizardry really shines: they are entirely computer generated yet their movements and facial expressions feel almost completely natural. Unlike other live-action/CG hybrids like this year's "
A Christmas Carol," the digital artifice quickly falls away and you start thinking of them as real. Neytiri (played by Zoe Saldana), the lithe Na'vi princess who falls for Jake the main character, might very well become the first non-human movie character ever to become a full-blown sex symbol.

Where some critics found fault with the movie was with its well-worn storyline. As Scott Tobias of the
A.V. Club wrote, "Look past the New Age beauty of Cameron's Pandora -- and whenever the camera swoops through its verdant, psychedelic wonders, that isn't easy to do -- and Avatar is a weak patchwork of his other films." The evil corporation out to pillage Pandora is straight out of "Aliens," the evil general is like the Terminator channeling Dick Cheney, and the forbidden love story between Jake and Neytiri has shades of Jack and Rose from "Titanic."

In short, "Avatar" neatly sums up all of Cameron's strengths and weaknesses as a filmmaker. His stories might be trite and his dialogue might be tin-eared, but his visual brilliance is astounding. And it was the film's beauty, not it's storyline, that no doubt nabbed "Avatar" a a pair of Golden Globe nominations. If you see it (and see it properly in 3D), "Avatar" will be unlike anything you've seen.

I gotta say I love the ending line. Avatar will be unlike anything you've seen.

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